Planning and Design

We can provide a range of services including planning, drawing and specifications. This can include alterations, maintenance works or new build.


Recent projects have included:

            Infill development, (Planning, building control and specification, Southampton)

            Reroofing works (Specifications, Winchester and Southampton)

            Basement conversion (Building Control, specification and tendering, Winchester)

            Extension (Planning, Building Control, Specification, Winchester)

            Loft conversions (Building Control, Specification Winchester, London)

            Planning application for shop works (Winchester, Eastleigh)

            Planning feasibility (Birmingham)

            Solicitor’s report on defects (Southampton)



Normally we will arrange a meeting with a client for a consultation to discuss your requirements and advise whether we think it is feasible. We can also advise at this stage about the likely costs, including professional fees, building costs and other charges, fees and costs to local authorities.


For new build and alterations we will usually to undertake a measured survey of the existing building or site and then prepare a set of feasibility drawings of the proposed works. Smaller works, depending on the position and location, may be able to be started without planning permission under what is called permitted development. Depending on the size and position of the works it may be necessary to submit these for planning approval by the local authority. This will take at least three months. We will be able to let you know if this can be done at our initial meeting


Whether the works can be done under Permitted Development or have required Planning Permission the works require Building Control Approval. This is to ensure they comply with the Building Regulations for structural stability, safety, insulation etc. The next stage is therefore to prepare detailed drawing and notes for the Building Control Inspector to examine and approve – usually these will usually also enable your builder to work up a detailed price for the actual building work.

Lastly you may wish us to inspect the works during the building period, this can be for both projects we have designed or designed by others.

The scope of work covered by the Practice encompasses all stages of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Conditions of Engagement for Building Surveying Services.